SAP Business Objects Training

SAP Business Objects Course Module :-

Data warehousing/Dimensional modeling Practical Concepts

  • OLTP vs. OLAP
  • Types of OLAP
  • Dimensional modeling
  • Data mart/Data warehouse Life cycle.
  • Star/Snow/Extended Star schema design

Database Concepts needed for Data warehousing

  • Joins & Cardinality.
  • Views/Materialized Views.
  • Date/Time Functions.
  • Conversion functions.
  • Package
  • Derived table & Stored Procedure.

BOXIR3 Architecture

  • Architectural overview.
  • Client tier components.
  • Application tier components.
  • Intelligence tier.
  • Processing tier.
  • Security management.

Universe Design

  • Understanding Business Objects Universes.
  • Creating the Course Universe.
  • Building the Universe Structure.
  • Creating Dimension Objects.
  • Creating Measure Objects.

Web intelligence

  • Understand concepts of Web intelligence.
  • Create Web Intelligence documents with Queries.
  • Restrict data returned by a query.
  • Enhance the presentation of data in reports.
  • Calculate data with formulas and variables.
  • Manage and share Web Intelligence documents.